Monthly Archives: April 2014

Magazine Shoot with Debra Lam

We were commissioned by a magazine out of California to photograph Pittsburgh’s Chief Innovation and Performance Officer Debra Lam. This is a newly created position as part of Mayor Bill Peduto’s executive team and puts Pittsburgh on the sustainability map with other forward thinking cities such as San Francisco and Portland.

I have always loved the lobby of Pittsburgh’s City County Building. While I have photographed in the building before, I never had the opportunity to photograph in the lobby. Debra gave us the o.k. to shoot wherever we wanted, so we went for it. Photographing anyone in a busy public space always has its challenges. After making sure my liability insurance was paid up, I scouted and came up with a plan. You have to stay compact and out of the way, making sure no one stumbles over your gear. You also have to keep your subject relaxed as strangers walk by, stop, stare and of course comment on what you’re doing. I’ve become immune to the public audience, but find it important to remember that often times, our subjects may feel uncomfortable. Debra handled it all like a pro and gave us these beautiful and elegant shots.

Pittsburgh Editorial Photographer 15222.jpgPittsburgh Magazine Photographer 15222.jpg