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Editorial Portrait Photography

We were asked to be a part of a book project photographing veteran ace fighter pilots from WWII.
To be a flying ace you had to shoot down at least 5 enemy aircraft during aerial combat.
This is a project that was right up our alley.  We were excited to meet and photograph these extraordinary men.  Two ace’s lived in Virginia and one in Maryland.  After scheduling and working out the logistics, we loaded up the gear, the cooler and itunes and headed for Virginia Beach.

We only had about two hours with each Ace in their home so we wanted to keep setup simple.
Talk about southern hospitality.  They welcomed us into their homes and after some great
conversation, we left with some beautiful shots and even some cookies for the ride back to Pittsburgh.  Thanks to the ace’s and everyone involved that made this assignment a success!

Editorial Portrait Photography FA.jpgEditorial Portrait Photography FA2.jpgEditorial Portrait Photography FA3.jpg