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Alumni Magazine Portrait Photography

We were contacted by the Editor from Occidental College magazine from L.A. to photograph one of their alumns who is now an award winning Master of Science student at Carnegie Mellon University.  Even though we are very familiar with CMU’s campus, we wanted to find a location that was both really cool and also out of the way.  So we packed up the camera and took a beautiful spring morning to scout. We found many unique areas around campus and after sending the scout pics off to the
editor, we all agreed on a location for the shoot.

This location had tons of available light, but we wanted a little more control over the quality.
We also wanted to keep the setup small and tight since we were in a public area.
We used flags to keep most of the available light off of Juan and then lit him with
a single medium softbox on a battery powered head. Juan was awesome!  The magazine
was happy and we ended up with many great shots, it was hard to choose a final.


University Alumni Magazine Portrait.jpg


Corporate Headshot Photography

Pittsburgh has some awesome locations to shoot environmental corporate portraits.  Shooting on the street can be tricky.  You always have that dude that stands around watching the shoot while adding his two cents and asking questions about your gear.  Keeping your subject comfortable while politely getting your new best friend to move along is an art form in itself, but that is just part of the downtown experience.  It was a cloudy day in Pittsburgh (hard to believe, I know) which gave us beautiful soft natural light.  Soft light, strong composition and a great model = successful shoot.

Pittsburgh Corporate Headshot Photography.jpg

Corporate Environmental Portrait Photography

We had a fun shoot from a London based firm with an office here in Pittsburgh. This assignment required us to match shots they had produced in London. Thanks to their team for being so easy to work with.

Corporate Photography 4.jpgCorporate Photography 2.jpgCorporate Photography 1.jpgCorporate Photography 3.jpg

Editorial Feature Photography

Thanks to Commercial Integrator for the cover and feature story in their April 2013 issue. The Vector Security executive team were awesome to work with and made the shoot a lot of fun.

Editorial Photography.jpgEditorial Photography 1.jpgEditorial Photography 2.jpgEditorial Portrait 1.jpgEditorial Portrait 2.jpg

Environmental Portrait Photography

We were busy during January and February with editorial assignments for two different law publications. We got to work with some really nice people, and are honored that these publications selected our services for the fourth straight year. Many thanks to Victor Pribanic for bearing with us in freezing temps outdoors for his cover shoot.

Magazine Photography 5.jpgEditorial Photography 5.jpgCorporate Portrait Photography 5.jpg

Corporate Group Portrait

Thanks to The Duggan Rhodes Group and Hinge for the opportunity to create this portrait of their Executive Leadership Team.