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Magazine Cover Shoot

It was great to hear from Commercial Integrator again to shoot another cover for their magazine.
For this cover, we photographed Bill McIntosh, Co-Founder and President of Synergy Media Group.
The magazine’s Art Director wanted to show how Synergy Media Group is breaking all the rules by bringing integration and consulting under one roof.  Their idea of Bill ripping up the rules was a cool one and Bill was happy to play along.

After we had the cover shots done, we did several shots of Bill with CEO Greg Carpenter and principal David Vargo for the inside story. Thanks to the guys from Synergy Media Group, you were a blast to work with!


Pittsburgh Photographers.jpg

Editorial Photography – Pittsburgh Entrepreneur Lani Lazzari

We were commissioned by Auve Daily, a lifestyle magazine out of San Fransisco to photograph
local entrepreneur Lani Lazzari. Lani started her skincare product, Simple Sugars,
at 11 years old in her family’s kitchen. Her goal was to develop an all-natural product that would be safe for sensitive skin. At age 19, Lani appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank and landed an investment deal with Mark Cuban.  Simple Sugars is now a huge success!

We photographed Lani at her new office and distribution center. This place is really cool.
Lots of pink, graffiti and inspirational quotes all over the walls. We had 3 different set ups to shoot
of Lani and didn’t want to take up too much of her time so we worked fast. In between setups Lani was still able to get work done and we were able to get some great shots.


Pittsburgh Editorial Portrait Photographer.jpg

Alumni Magazine Portrait Photography

We were contacted by the Editor from Occidental College magazine from L.A. to photograph one of their alumns who is now an award winning Master of Science student at Carnegie Mellon University.  Even though we are very familiar with CMU’s campus, we wanted to find a location that was both really cool and also out of the way.  So we packed up the camera and took a beautiful spring morning to scout. We found many unique areas around campus and after sending the scout pics off to the
editor, we all agreed on a location for the shoot.

This location had tons of available light, but we wanted a little more control over the quality.
We also wanted to keep the setup small and tight since we were in a public area.
We used flags to keep most of the available light off of Juan and then lit him with
a single medium softbox on a battery powered head. Juan was awesome!  The magazine
was happy and we ended up with many great shots, it was hard to choose a final.


University Alumni Magazine Portrait.jpg


Magazine Shoot with Debra Lam

We were commissioned by a magazine out of California to photograph Pittsburgh’s Chief Innovation and Performance Officer Debra Lam. This is a newly created position as part of Mayor Bill Peduto’s executive team and puts Pittsburgh on the sustainability map with other forward thinking cities such as San Francisco and Portland.

I have always loved the lobby of Pittsburgh’s City County Building. While I have photographed in the building before, I never had the opportunity to photograph in the lobby. Debra gave us the o.k. to shoot wherever we wanted, so we went for it. Photographing anyone in a busy public space always has its challenges. After making sure my liability insurance was paid up, I scouted and came up with a plan. You have to stay compact and out of the way, making sure no one stumbles over your gear. You also have to keep your subject relaxed as strangers walk by, stop, stare and of course comment on what you’re doing. I’ve become immune to the public audience, but find it important to remember that often times, our subjects may feel uncomfortable. Debra handled it all like a pro and gave us these beautiful and elegant shots.

Pittsburgh Editorial Photographer 15222.jpgPittsburgh Magazine Photographer 15222.jpg

Editorial Portrait Photography

On a cold February afternoon, we headed out to a local university to shoot this editorial portrait of Barry for their Alumni Magazine.  The cool thing about this assignment was that we were shooting for multiple platforms, a printed magazine and also their iPad app which incorporates a lot of transition movements.  Really cool.  This also meant I had to stick to a tripod to make sure everything matched up.  We shot tethered so the art director could make sure we had plenty of options.   We found this awesome spot with tons of shapes and soft available light.  We added a single softbox to punch up the light on Barry.

Commercial Photography 1.jpg


Editorial Feature Photography

Thanks to Commercial Integrator for the cover and feature story in their April 2013 issue. The Vector Security executive team were awesome to work with and made the shoot a lot of fun.

Editorial Photography.jpgEditorial Photography 1.jpgEditorial Photography 2.jpgEditorial Portrait 1.jpgEditorial Portrait 2.jpg

Environmental Portrait Photography

We were busy during January and February with editorial assignments for two different law publications. We got to work with some really nice people, and are honored that these publications selected our services for the fourth straight year. Many thanks to Victor Pribanic for bearing with us in freezing temps outdoors for his cover shoot.

Magazine Photography 5.jpgEditorial Photography 5.jpgCorporate Portrait Photography 5.jpg

Magazine Photography

These are a few images from a recent magazine assignment. Aside from having a job where you get to be creative and create images, the best part about being a photographer is meeting and working with interesting people.

Crowell Editorial Magazine Photography 200.jpgCrowell Corporate Portrait Photography.jpgCrowell Editorial Magazine Photography 300.jpg

Corporate Editorial Portraits

February was a busy month shooting editorial assignments for two different law publications. We got to work with some really nice people, and are honored that these publications selected our services for the third straight year.

_MG_1246 C.jpg_MG_2269 Final .jpg_MG_2943 Final.jpg